2017 m. spalio 12 d., ketvirtadienis

Carvalho de Rei, leaving the village - 20

Well, all job there is finish, so I can move forward. Spectators and road signs will add later and stones, what you like as always.
All done much faster then I expected, of course a lot of jobs still waiting, but I try do it...
Thanks for you attention, bye..

2017 m. rugsėjo 22 d., penktadienis

Carvalho de Rei No 19 - In the village (update)

Hi everybody, after long quite some news here too. As write before, I had nice and interesting commercial project and now I finished with.
I expected end commercial project early, but... Now I'm back to Cravalho. what I can say - home sweet home.., Of Course not, but the same fun. Well half ot track is done, now I start work on hardest part - in Carvalho de Rei village, huge amount of complicated houses, textures and other stuf. So seems I stay here for a month. After I hope it will much easer...
So, all now and see you later.